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Product Description

“Weight Gain, Optimum Performance and Shine”

Healthy E Oil™ contains essential fatty acids from natural processed soybean oil for optimum coat shine and skin condition in a palatable liquid.  Healthy E Oil™ is excellent for senior horses as it is highly digestible with 2.25 times the calories of shell corn. Use this oil to reduce the amount of grain needed as well as control any dust in feed!

The Inside Scoop…
Soybean Oil is an excellent source of energy (calories); 2.25 times more calories than shell corn. The easily digested calories are absorbed in the small intestine not requireing any fermentation in the cecum and colon, keeping performance horses cooler in the summer and greatly reducing the incidence of colic and laminitis. Healthy E Oil™ is not refined – meaning that all of the key nutrients remain.

Feeding Directions:
For a coat shine: 2-4 oz. per day
Improve weight gain: 4 oz per day
Lactating mares: 6-8 oz per day
Performance horses: 8-10 oz per day
Growing foals and weanlings: 1 oz per 250 lb of body weight

Prime Performance - Healthy E Oil

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