THE BEST SHAMPOO HANDS DOWN! Concentrated formula, all hair and color types.  GENTLE YET DEEP CLEANING: RESTORE, CLEANSE  and  SHINE…Cleanse and restores the hair with Panthenol B 5….Makes the hair clean, manageable, hydrates,  adds loads of  body and enhances with a glossy shine!

Concentrated Formula, for Horses, Dogs, People too!We waited years and years for this great formula, please try it on yourself too!

For all hair types and color. The nice thing about this its gentle but yet deep cleaning! Helps to make discolored hair whiter and brighter, replacing the need for a whitening only shampoo!

No bleaching, No Bluing, No Silver

Will not dry or damage hair

Lifts out stains, especially yellow and urine combined with our system:( Hydrate 24, & Polisher)

Gentle, deep cleansing, foaming, all hair types!!!!

–EXCEPTIONAL INGREDIENTS : Ginger Root extract, Jojoba Seed extract, Rosemary Leaf and Algae Extracts to name a few!-pearl color, gentle scent, great consistency and can be diluted in a bucket for larger animals

-GREAT for full body, mane, tail, forelock and feathers

GREAT FOR SPOT CLEANING , removes the grass and natural stains with a small amount on a wet sponge…..

-May be diluted or used as concentrate for deeper cleansing.

-use shampoo with warm water for cleaning MLH brushes too!

Mane-ly - Shampoo