VIRTUALLY THE BEST PRODUCT ON THE MARKET TODAY!   Not just a Detangler, but a Polisher and Protector too, all in one product!  Available in 3 different sizes to fit your needs.

DETANGLE, Remove Burs, Mats  & MAINTAIN! Weekly application prevents problem hair.  NO tangles, NO knots, Relaxes dreadlocks TOO…helping to make the hair, Longer, Silkier, Smoother , Stronger  and Shine!

Use as regular maintenance, a few times a week to prevent  tangles, matts and burrs from adhering. It will help strengthen the hair without leaving  any residue or oiliness. It soaks in leaving the hair silky smooth adding shine and vitality to the hair.  Makes grooming faster and easier without a residue, and helping to repel dirt. A LONG LASTING FORMULA!  Lasts 5 X’S Longer plus! Contains Vitamin B and Keratin.

DE-TANGLE, DE-FRIZZ, DE-MATT, SHINE & MAINTAIN. This says it all and more!  An amazing product that will gently remove Tornado tangles, Knots, mats  and burrs, in Minutes NOT Hours!  PREVENTSthem from coming back, when used as regular maintenance! Never have a tangle again!! Relaxes dreadlocks, and allows brushing regularly which cleans the hair and keeps it Tangle free longer. Vitamin B5 and Keratin added; Conditions, adds Shine, Repairs.

For a Longer, Silkier, Smoother, Mane and Tail.  Add Hydrate 24 under it for extra hydration. FYI, does not freeze in cold temperatures, use all year round to protect and polish for healthier hair!

-for Horses, Dogs, People too-

NO RESIDUE,  non oily..soaks in and  IT WORKS!

Mane-ly - Polisher Protector