Hydrate and SHINE and DRY GROOMING….Hydrates the mane, tail, forelock and feathers and conditions while adding SUPERIOR shine to the equine coat. Keeps your horse cleaner and makes cleaning your horse easy too!
A gentle formula that Gently Dissolves stains, urine, yellow and dirt too!
– MIX YOUR OWN with our Bottle System AND SAVE $100’S!!
A non greasy formula that will outshine all others, while multitasking and saving $$$$$. Made with our finest ingredients in our conditioner that include sage, chamomile, aloe and nettle extracts just to name a few!!

-Long-lasting shine with no residue
-USED for dry grooming, for your horse and dog. It will dissolve dirt and stains through hydration. Hydrates,  repairs, protection and BODY SHINE! Add the 4 body brush package for BEST AND EASIEST results.

-A leave in spray conditioner applied with OUR*Hydrasol bottle,  non aerosol, * Aerosol SPRAYER, a mix bottle with blender pieces and directions on it to blend properly.

Mane-ly - Hydrate 24 kit