Fix and keep hair healthier…A light weight Hydrator for all hair types! Great for dull, damaged, dry or tangled hair.  A multifunctional product, 3 in 1!!  Yes, not only a rinse out after shampooing with our Restore shampoo,but a leave in as Hydrate 24, which is used for extra hydration and our DRY GROOMING METHOD! (see Hydrate 24, need our mix and sprayer to formulate).  It is also used to make our leave in Shock treatment too

An exceptional concentrated formula, made with natural extracts, including, nettle, sage, aloe and camomile  Great for sensitive skin too! A perfect treatment that Hydrates , Repairs, Restores, &  Cleans . Leaves hair Soft , Silky, Repaired and Hydrated. It is a concentrated formula , so a little goes a long ways. The formula is Very gentle and effective. Also great for full body, leaves a super shine! No build up no dyes and it does not weigh the hair down. Leaves the hair soft and silky with no residue.

-for Horses, Dogs, People too!-

An outstanding concentrated, multi task formulaconsisting of natural extracts; Aloe Vera Gel, Nettle, Sage, Chamomile to name a few.

Mane-ly - Conditioner