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  • Opening Sizes: 1 1/4" (SF/Slow Feed), 1" (SFX/Slow Feed Extreme) / More about opening sizes
  • Hay Capacity: Holds up to 2 flakes of hay
  • Closure: Cinch Rope & Hoggle (Handle/Toggle) /  What's a Hoggle?
  • Attaches easily to trailer, eye hook, fence or tree 
  • Equine-quality, UV-treated DuPont fiber netting 
  • Made in USA

  • What's included: Cinch Net Micro Mini, instruction card pack, Micro Mini Cinch Rope, repair twine and Safety Snap. 

    Warning: Please use extra caution when using with horned animals or horses with blankets or non-breakaway halters. Nets may be used with shod horses, but must be used with a traditional hay ring that is flush with the ground. When using the smaller nets with shod horses, make sure to hang it high enough so the horse cannot paw at it. 

    The Cinch Net Micro Mini is the smallest of our nets and a super quick, super compact feeding solution! It attaches easily to a trailer, eye hook, fence or tree and keeps your horses busy in your pasture, paddock or while hauling, whether inside or outside your trailer. The Cinch Net Micro Mini is great for tie line usage too.

    Ideal for: Miniature horses, horses with metabolic issues and horses with strict feeding schedules. 

    The SF/Slow Feed (1 1/4") opening size is good for horses that don't get enough exercise. Very easy keepers who have used slow feed nets before do well on this net level. 

    Do not use the SFX/Slow Feed Extreme (1") opening size if your horses have not used slow feed nets before as it can be very frustrating for your horse. You can start your horse on a larger opening size and transition them to the SFX.

Hay Chix - Micro Mini

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