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Best For: Headers and heelers; families who rope together

Key Features: Spring-Loaded Tongue and Deluxe Leg Package 

  • Spring-Loaded Tongue
    - Simulates steer-like stretch to help horse gather and stop correctly
    - Square tongue allows for sharp corners without tipping machine
    - Extends life of your machine and ATV by reducing the jerk of a dally
  • Deluxe Leg Package
    - Hide-like material grabs your top strand and prevents rope from sliding
    - Re-designed dally bracket provides added support and durability
    - Recessed area for optional toe flap
  • Practice timing with our patented Heel-O-Matic Hop.
  • Easy-to-change variable pulley system means the faster you pull, the faster the hop – Just like in a real run.
  • Disengage pulley system to rope like a SLED

The ULTIMATE Ground-Driven Trainer is the top of the line roping practice machine. Virtually maintenance free, this machine provides the realistic “Heel-O-Matic Hop” that is generated by a variable pulley system. The faster the run, the faster the hop – just like in a real run. No battery, motor, solar panel or electrical wiring to worry about. This translates to fewer parts, lower maintenance and easier assembly. Along with the hop and pulley system, the Ultimate comes equipped with the Spring-Loaded Tongue and Deluxe Leg Package to provide you the most realistic roping machine available.

The ULTIMATE’s pulley system has variable settings that allow you to customize your Heel-O-Matic Hop. Choose a slower hop speed at a higher pull speed, or a faster hop at a slower pull speed. You can select–and easily change-this ratio to meet your practice needs, or you can disengage the pulley system to rope it like a SLED. We’ve added mechanical tension arms to maintain steady belt tension and we’ve packed and sealed our shaft bearings to reduce friction and increase the life of your machine.

Each ULTIMATE is equipped with a turning head, collapsible horns, and a rear leg dally kit to let heelers practice their hard hits and accuracy.

If you have a 2009 or newer Ground-Driven Trainer, you can upgrade it to the ULTIMATE by purchasing the Spring-Loaded Tongue and Deluxe Leg Package separately.



Heel-O-Matic - Ultimate Ground-Driven Trainer